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Dr. C’s Garden Products will provide you with natural and organic products developed from years of commercial research and development. Dr. C’s Gardening Products are made for home owners, gardeners, and small food producers. Our products utilize the same tested and proven science used in commercial agricultural production. These products will make your plants healthier, more nutritious and more resistant to stress, insects and fungus in a natural way. Dr. C's Products will also help you provide nutritious food and a healthy environment for you and your children.


Dr C’s Line of Gardening products was born when we realized that a lot of our local gardeners were coming in to get our agricultural products for their gardens and lawns.

Our first product was named by a gentleman that came in every year and asked for a gallon of Dr. C's juice. He would say, “Makes my garden grow like a jungle.” Thus, Dr. C’s Jungle Juice was born.

Since then, we have made many improvements. One no longer has to bring their own gallon jug that we fill with our products and we have better instructions on how to use our products.

Our best selling Jungle Juice line is still the same quality product that increases yields, provides you with outstanding natural fruits and vegetables while still promoting the plant’s natural nutrients.

organic & natural products

At Dr. C's we believe in sustainability this is why we use the natural resources of our commercial growers (soybeans, barley, microbes) to produce our natural and organic products that we provide to you.


By using Dr. C's Products you are helping New England Farmers provide crops in a more sustainable and profitable fashion.


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